What you can expect by sponsoring a non-profit

  • Build awareness of your brand and its meaning

    Build awareness of your brand and its meaning

    Get your brand in front of thousands of potential customers a day and build credibility by aligning with a good cause.

  • No need to purchase AdWords separately

    No need to purchase AdWords separately

    Due to the grant, AdWords PPC is covered. All costs are included in our package price.

  • Advertise locally or globally

    Advertise locally or globally

    Target potential customers in certain cities, states, countries, or regions.

  • Measurable results

    Measurable results

    We can track exactly how many impressions, clicks, and conversions gained as a result of your campaign.

  • Tax deductible

    Tax deductible

    Most campaigns are tax deductible as a charitable contribution.

  • Stand with a good cause

    Stand with a good cause

    Make a measurable impact on challenges for humanity.

How does it work?

Step 1. Gain thousands of impressions a day

When someone searches for your keyword on Google, your ad will show up in the search results page.

We create an ad campaign for the non-profit, listing your business as the sponsor.  Our specialists choose the best keywords, write ads, and tune up landing pages — we do all the work!



Step 2. Build brand awareness

Customers click on the ad and are directed to a custom designed landing page with an ad featuring your business as a sponsor.

How do we match sponsors to non-profits?

We will meet with you to discuss your mission and to understand who you want to target your marketing efforts towards. We will match your business with a non-profit based on your target market and the non-profit’s mission.

Already have a non-profit in mind? If you already have a non-profit in mind that you would like to sponsor, that’s fine too.

Why choose us?

  • Google AdWords Certified Specialists
  • No other online advertising company pairs non-profits with sponsors via the Google Ad Grant
  • We develop your ads based on your campaign priorities and within Google and IRS compliance requirements.
  • We have a proven, scientific approach to optimizing Google Adwords.


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